About Pepi

Pepi was born in 2013, when I only had two children and felt like I didn't have much of a purpose besides being a mum and wife. I needed something more, something much more than just changing nappies and keeping a house clean.

For a few months, I had my mother's sewing machines set up on a desk, staring at me. I didn't know how to use them, I couldn't thread them, let alone sew. But one day, I decided that I wanted to sew, I wanted to create clothing, that not only my kids could wear, but other children could too. 

With only three mini lessons from my mum and a friend, I was off. I started with basic pinafores and skirts for my girls. When my sewing had reached a level of quality and my stitches were consistently straight, I opened my business.

Pepi was named after me, after my nickname my husband had given me. Little did we know,when he had "made up" that name, it was actually a Maori word for baby. When it came to naming the business, Pepi fitted perfectly. Originally I called the business Pepi's Boutique, but I had a change of heart about the name so I trimmed it up to just be Pepi.

During the time of running Pepi, I added two more girls to our family and moved cities a few times. We went from Masterton to Mount Maunganui and finally to Dunedin. I don't plan on moving again, but I do plan on adding to the business.

Pepi is all about quality clothing made from pure fibres such as linen and cotton. All of our outfits are handmade by myself. Our range started with just only clothing for girls, but now we have added a boy's clothing range and extended our sizing range from newborn to 10. 

You can follow more of Pepi on Facebook and Instagram and if you would like to follow myself and my girls, you can check out my personal instagram, links below.

I hope you all enjoy my range and if you ever see me out and about in Dunedin, please say hi. I love meeting new people and knowing who my fans are!

Krystal Pires xx