Your Baby Clothing Sizes Guide – How to Pick the Right Size Every Time

If you struggle to understand baby clothing sizes, you’re not alone. In fact, I sometimes think it is easier to learn a foreign language than be suddenly surrounded by the baby clothing terminology and sizing! Then add in the fact that babies are never identically sized and you’re heading for a total brain shutdown! But relax, because I’ve put together this comprehensive baby clothing sizes guide to make it easy for you to buy baby clothes.

Understanding NZ’s Baby Clothing Sizes 

In New Zealand, there is a standard baby clothing sizing chart used by most clothing manufacturers. It is:







Up to 2.5kg

Up to 47cm



Up to 4.0kg

47cm - 55cm

Up to 3 months


Up to 6.0kg

55cm - 60cm

Up to 6 months


Up to 8.0kg

60cm - 70cm

Up to 9 months


Up to 10.0kg

70cm - 75cm

1 year


Up to 12.0kg


2 years


Up to 14.0kg



The problem with this sizing chart is that it is very specific. It assumes that each baby will be the same weight and height at each stage in their development. In reality, most babies are completely different sizes. This leaves a wake of frustrated parents in their wake, having purchased clothes which were only worn a few times or not at all! That’s one of the reasons why the sizes of the baby and kids clothing I make are:

0-3 months    3-6 months    6-12 months    1 year    18 months    2, 3, 4,5 and 6 years

Picking the Right Sized Baby Clothes 

Now we understand the generic baby clothing sizes, let’s look further into using them to pick the right sized clothes for our babies. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • There is no such thing as one size fits all. As adults we know this is the case, but baby clothing manufacturers like to think that babies can be. It’s not so.
  • Forget about the tag size. A larger baby who is only two months old may just fit something made for a six-month-old.
  • Boys and girls are different sizes. Girls are usually smaller than boys, meaning that what fits your daughter at nine months, may be too small for your son.
  • Use height and weight as your clothing size indicator, not the age of your baby to help you pick the right sized piece of clothing.

I’m more than happy to help you find the right sized clothing for your special little person! Send me a message today and let’s get sorted.

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