Tips on Teaching Kids to Blow Their Nose

As you’ve probably had enough of extracting snot from their nose to last a lifetime, teaching kids to blow their nose properly is a job you’ll want to prioritise! Yellow, green, clear and runny: there’s no way to put it nicely. Wiping noses sucks! So, when is the right time to start teaching kids to blow their nose? Do they have to be around a certain age, like with potty training? How do you avoid wiping snot everywhere? We discuss these questions and more in our special article on wiping kids’ noses!

What You Need to Know When Teaching Kids to Blow Their Nose

As a parent, we take many of our skills for granted. The truth is though, we had to learn how to do each one of them. This includes learning how to blow our nose. Just like potty training, nose blowing can be a hard skill for our kids to learn. So, don’t stress if it doesn’t go the way you hope. Keep trying, you will both get there!

Here are our top tips when it comes to teaching kids to blow their nose:

  • Make Nose Blowing Fun – like with all new tasks, kids learn better when they’re having fun. See what sounds you can make when blowing your nose and encourage your child to do the same. “Blow objects’ out of your nose, such as hippos, dinosaurs and cars.
  • Change Your Words – asking a child to blow their nose might not work as well as asking them to snort or tickle their fingers with air from their nose. Experiment with the words you use to phrase it in a way they understand.
  • Keep Trying – practice makes perfect when it comes to teaching kids to blow their nose. Expect mess and nose blowing failures, they’re par with the course. Just keep trying and they will get it!
  • Find Role Models – anyone and anything which can be a nose blowing role model works well. Big brothers, grandparents and characters on TV all must blow their nose, so keep an eye out and encourage your child to watch them doing it.
  • Play Games – while this goes with the fun aspect, why not invent games to play which teach your child how to blow air out of their nose? Blowing a feather across a table in a race, tickling their fingers with air from their nose or even using a mirror to blow onto and seeing if they can make patterns with the result are all great ideas. Don’t forget that blowing bubbles in the bath through their nose can also be turned into a game.
  • Use Tissues – they’re easier to dispose of compared with handkerchiefs. They’re also cleaner, making less mess for you to clean up.

Now you’ll be asking, when is the right time to start teaching my child to blow their nose? Well, that depends. Some kids are ready when they are only two. Others get to seven or eight years of age and only master it then. Your best bet is to introduce the concept, keep practicing and remain positive. They (and you) will get there in the end!

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