Managing Toddler Tantrums While Remaining Sane!

Sudden and fierce, toddler tantrums are a fact of life. The result of a frustrated toddler, it’s our job as parents to help our toddlers manage their behaviour. But how we do this without losing our cool? As a Mum, my daughters have had their fair share of toddler tantrums. Sometimes I managed them well, other times, well let’s just say it could have been better. So, I’ve done some research and found the best ways we as parents can manage this challenging behaviour. Here’s what I found …

What Are Toddler Tantrums?

You’re pushing the trolley around the local supermarket when suddenly your happily singing toddler starts chucking your groceries onto the floor. Or you have just cut their toast into triangles, when they see it and start screaming and kicking. Or how about the time you had the nerve to buckle them into their car seat when they were wearing their new Penelope Romper? Remember the tantrum that resulted from that one?

We’ve all been there. Toddler tantrums are incredibly common in children aged between one and three years of age. From screaming and kicking, holding their breath, lying on the floor or running away, they can be frightening experiences for both the toddler and the parent. But rather than an example of bad behaviour, a tantrum is one way a toddler can express their feelings.

A younger toddler is unable to clearly tell us what they are feeling. They have yet to develop the skills needed to manage these feelings too. This results in them becoming frustrated and the tantrum is the result of this. In an older child though, a tantrum is more of a power struggle. They want something, and they act out until they get it, or realise it’s not coming.

Your Guide to Taming Toddler Tantrums

Here are some great tips to help you stay sane during the next tantrum your child has:

  • Stay calm and quiet – as tempting as it may be to shout louder than your toddler, stay quiet. By speaking in a calm and quiet voice, they will eventually lower their voice to match yours.
  • Give your toddler space – as adults, we don’t like people to infringe on our personal space, especially when we are mad! Let your child have their space, staying nearby so you can ensure they are safe.
  • Hug your child – when they are screaming blue murder and have more arms than an octopus, they probably don’t seem huggable. But giving a hug helps a toddler feel secure and let their emotions out safely. Just be aware it doesn’t work for every child.
  • Distract your child – once again a strategy which works only for some toddlers, distraction can be very effective. Tell a joke, tickle them or point something interesting out.

We’re All in This Together

When those toddler tantrums start, remember you are not alone. It’s happened to us all and no matter how upset you and they become, it won’t last forever. When they’ve calmed down, it’s time for some relaxation for you. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and check out our other handy tips for parents and our kids clothing shop for a little R&R!


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