How to Create Family Routines Which Actually Work!

No parent has ever underestimated the benefits having family routines bring. From sleeping well, to getting ready on time for school, having routines in place makes life much easier for everyone in the family. The issue is though that creating workable routines which suit everyone in the family is darn tricky. So, I thought it’s time to make a list of top tips on creating family routines which actually work!

Top Tips on Creating Workable Family Routines

What makes a great routine? A few years ago, there was an English TV program called Super Nanny. She visited different families who were having kid troubles, diagnosed what the problems work and fixed them. 99% of the time this involved her making up a family routine chart and sticking it on the kitchen wall. On her routine chart she would:

  • List who was supposed to do specific jobs and when they needed to be done
  • Make a daily schedule which was strictly kept to
  • Identified the rewards for sticking with the plan

Initially it was difficult for her families to stick with the plan, but as each day went by, the families responded to the challenge and became more organised, calm and settled. Why? Because they had a routine!

We too can take some tips from Super Nanny’s experiences, in that routines work, especially if they are clearly spelt out for everyone and followed. When creating your own family routines, keep those in mind, plus also consider:

  • The needs of your individual family members – do your kids have special activities they need to attend or practice for? Are there any medical or behavioural needs to factor in? Ages also need to be considered.
  • Daily routines – what must be done each morning and night at your home?
  • Weekend routines – do the routines stay the same over the weekend? Or is it more relaxed?
  • Holiday routines – are there any special routines for school or special event day holidays?
  • Time – it’s no good scheduling something if you won’t have time to do it. Be realistic about what you can do – it’s better to do something small than fail to do something large.
  • Be predictable – the best family routines are always consistent and predictable. Do the dishes each night after tea, wash soccer uniforms on Saturday, for instance. Write down when you will do a regular task each week and stick to it!

I’d love to hear about routines which have and haven’t worked for your family! Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s inspire and support each other.

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