Boring photos? No more!

Did you know, you don't need a DSLR camera to take amazing photos? It's not so much about the camera you use, it's more about the person and how the photos are taken.

Taking really nice and interesting photos can seem really hard, but in fact, it isn't actually that hard. Use these tips and you'll see just how it easy it is.

Tip one: Lighting

This is one of the most important things. Bad lighting generally means poor quality photos. Find a well lit room or go outside but avoid direct light. It creates harsh shadows which is quite off putting.

Tip two: Crop

Crop, crop and crop. This is essential. You can have an amazing photo, but if it isn't cropped it can ultimately ruin the photo. Imagine you are doing a flatlay and right next to the flatlay is a pair of old dirty socks.... No one wants to see those! Crop it off the pic and nobody knows. Or if you are taking photos outside and right in the background is someone else, someone irrelevant, someone that doesn't need to be in the photo. Crop them out and your photo just got better!

Tip three: Angles

This here can really enhance your photos. It can take your photo from ok to wow! How often do you see a child at eye level? You don't really, unless you're a mum picking up a toddler for the thousandth time or picking up that blimmen lego..... You see, by taking a photo of a child or product at eye level, creates a factor of interest. It's not something you usually see. You get to see all these different angles of things. It makes you want to look at the photo more and that is exactly want you want if you are trying to entice people with your photos.

Tip four: Editing

Ever wondered how people have such beautiful colours and pure whites in their pics? They edit. It can be as simple as increasing the exposure and lowering the shadows. Some people go further and add a filter. Filters are fabulous BUT they come with a warning. Don't over do it!!! Overdoing filters can ruin the whole pic. It can make people cringe and look away. If you are selling a product, you want the colours to be as true as possible. Nobody wants to buy a 'what they think is' a beautiful blue dress and get a purple one instead.

Lastly, tip five: Positioning

Have you ever heard of someone talk about a rule of thirds? Imagine your photo with a 3x3 grid on it. You want your main subject to be either on the 1st third or the 2nd third. By putting the main subject bang in the middle, the eye doesn't wander and study the rest of the photo. Having the main subject on a third however, encourages more study of the photo and makes it more interesting. This works on most photos, some look great with the main subject in the middle. If in doubt, stick to thirds!

So these are my tips for making your photos a hell of a lot better. I'd love to hear of anyone trying out these tips and seeing how much they changed the way you photograph. Save this to your bookmark so you don't lose it and can come back to read it again when needed.

All the best in your photo adventures!

Krystal Pires xx








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  • Great tips, thanks Krystal

    • Tena
  • What a brilliant article! Thanks for sharing

    • Tracy Morgan
  • Thanks for sharing some great tips and awesome examples!

    • Mariana Martin
  • Thanks for these tips! I’ve tried a couple and had instant! Yay!!

    • Phillipa Rudd