A Parent’s Guide to Surviving a Wedding with a Toddler in Tow

If you’re shortly attending a wedding with a toddler, you are most probably freaking out!  After all, toddlers are not known for their perfect behaviour, whisper voices and still feet. However, attending a wedding with a toddler needn’t be as stressful as it sounds, especially if you have a game plan. Today I’m going to share with you some tips to help you survive a wedding with your toddler in tow!

6 Tips on Successfully Surviving a Wedding with a Toddler

Your attendance at the wedding begins about a week before the actual event. Well not really, but you’ll feel as if you’ve been there forever. In the days leading up to the wedding, your mission is to prepare your toddler to sit quietly through the ceremony and behave themselves at the reception. Sounds simple enough and it is, almost. Here are six tips to help you get through!

  1. Create a ceremony pack – inside fill it with snacks such as raisins, crackers, sandwiches, cheese and fruit. Add a sticker book or activity pack to keep them busy once they’ve eaten.
  2. Fill your handbag with toys – literally, fill it with toys. Small toys such as cars and dolls fit nicely and are good at keeping little hands busy.
  3. Bring the big toys – at the reception, set up a blanket with large toys such as a train set, Duplo and drawing activities. Toddlers are going to want to move around, and if you keep them moving with a purpose, they’re less likely to misbehave.
  4. Bring a stroller – when it’s nap time, pop your toddler into their stroller and do the stroller push back and forth. With a bit of luck, they’ll fall asleep. However, if not, at least they are contained for a short while.
  5. Bring your tag team buddy – I’m assuming that you and your partner have been invited to the wedding. If not, it would be okay for you to ask the bride to be if you can bring someone to help you with your toddler. Together work out a game plan, where if something happens one of you can quickly escape with the toddler, leaving the other to enjoy a few moments of peace.
  6. Exercise a lot beforehand – before you arrive at the ceremony and reception, take the time to let your toddler burn off some energy. A visit to a playground, a run at the park or even climbing up and down some stairs are great energy burners.

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